Paper Bag : How To Make, Uses And Advantages

Green and eco-friendly lifestyles have become part of modern society; one of them is carrying out and campaigning for activities to reduce, reuse and recycle various kinds of objects and products that are at risk of burdening the environment because they become waste that is difficult to decompose.

The issue of global warming is increasingly echoing throughout the world. Many people are starting to realize the importance of preserving the environment.

Paper bags or paper bags can be an environmentally friendly option for those who want to switch from plastic bags. This is because paper bags can be recycled and have minimal impact on the environment.

Advantages of Paper Bags

1. Personalize Logo And Design

Made of paper, paper bags are very easy to design according to your business needs. Simply add the desired logo and packaging design, then your brand or business brand can be represented from a paper bag packaging.

2. Easy Size Adjust

You also have the opportunity to adjust the size of the right paper bag, so that this bag is even more perfect for your product or service.

3. Eco-Friendly

By using a paper bag, you have shown consumers that you really care about the environment.
Automatically, more consumers will sympathize and respect your brand.

Paper bags can be reused or recycled, making it easier for brands / branding to be seen, and will not be easily thrown into the trash. The nature of paper bags or paper bags that are biodegradable or can be decomposed by soil, allows your brand / business brand to show concern for environmental sustainability.

Kinds of Paper Bags

1. Simple Brown Paper Bag

This paper bag is one of the most commonly provided bags. Most convenience stores and grocery stores use this bag. Made of craft paper or simple brown paper.

At the top, it is often equipped with a basic bowknot reinforced with another layer of paper. This simple brown paper bag is not very durable. However, most people can still reuse a few times before the pouch gets worn or damaged. The bonus is that these brown paper bags can be recycled very easily.

2. Paper Bag Stand-On-Shelf (SOS)

SOS bags or Stand-on-Shelf bags are very similar to regular brown paper bags in terms of design. However, the difference is that this bag is stronger and there is no handle strap at the top.

Stand-on-Shelf chocolate bags are usually used to carry packaged food or drinks. In other countries, this bag is also often used as packaging for French bread. In fact, it is often used by children or office workers to bring lunch.

Stand-on-Shelf paper bags are available in several colors with a modern twist. Therefore, this type of paper bag can be a beautiful ideal choice for packaging merchandise or gifts.

3. Pinch Bottom Bags

This type of paper bag resembles a large brown paper envelope that is usually used to send job applications. On the top side, there is a non-glued opening for inserting grocery products.

Generally, paper bags like this are used to pack bread, burgers, kebabs, or other food products. This paper bag can also be made with a layer of oil-resistant paper on the inside. Making this paper bag the ideal solution for packing dry food or snacks.

4. Merchandise Bags

Paper bags for merchandise are high quality paper bags that can be customized to suit your business needs. Both large and small retail stores can use merchandise paper bags. In fact, some online stores also use merchandise bags for product delivery.

These paper bags can be printed in various colors, and given a logo or design tailored to your company's needs. Usually, it is used to package cosmetic products, small fashion knick-knacks, and so on.

5. Euro Tote

The Euro Tote is like a regular paper bag. However, the Euro Tote is often used as a modern paper lunch bag. Although, the design is similar to a Stand-on-Shelf bag, the Euro paper bag comes with a luxurious strap or handle. There is special branding on the front and back of the bag and has a more premium material.

Due to its luxurious appearance with quality materials, it is generally a bit difficult to recycle a Euro Tote. The reason is, there is a plastic coating and metalized ink to complete the final touch.

Elegant design and premium materials, will be worth the quality. Your business customers can use the Euro Tote multiple times due to its long durability, and making it a better choice than single-use plastic bags.

Many well-known business brands have turned to Euro Tote because of this advantage. Business branding will be more visible in the long run and create great packaging for gifts, grocery bags, or other necessities.

6. Paper Bag Bakery

This brown paper bag is specially designed for bread and pastry. Inside there is a layer of wax or thin clear plastic of various shapes and sizes.

The bakery paper bag can come in the form of a small L folder which is suitable as a wrapper for pretzels, donuts or biscuits. It can also be in the form of an envelope which is generally used to wrap kebabs. Anti-oil coating inside, can keep the freshness of the product longer.

7. Party Paper Bags

These paper bags have bright and glossy colors. The shape is standard like a regular paper bag with a drawstring at the top.

Known as party paper bags because they are often distributed for party events. Such as birthday parties, wedding souvenirs, thanksgiving, congratulations or company promo gifts and souvenirs for certain events.

8. Mailing Paper Bags

Another paper bag is a mailing paper bag which is often used for shipping goods or products from e-commerce/online shops. Many small products or products from good retail businesses are packaged in mailing paper bags.

Some of these paper bags also have adhesive/glue strips for easy sealing. In addition, there is an inner layer of thin fabric that maintains the durability of the envelope from tearing or tearing.

9. Recycled Paper Bags

Most of the recycled paper bags use a special type of paper from pulp or recycled paper as the main raw material. This business uses wood pulp to make paper bags and makes it easier for the bags to decompose by soil.

That is the article of Paper Bag : How To Make, Uses And Advantages. May it to be usefull for you.

10. Vogue Paper Bag
This beautiful shopping bag is usually used by most fashion brand stores or well-known fashion boutiques. Even though they are made of paper, they are beautifully designed with varied colors and shapes. At the top there are laces of luxurious materials such as satin ribbons, silk ribbons and lace ribbons.

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